Master YouTube without the frustration & overwhelm!

VidBoss Academy™ is comprehensive program for starting, launching, and growing your YouTube channel in just 30 days.

Before I tell you about this game-changing program, let’s talk about who this is really for…

You’re an ambitious go-getter who knows that whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve. Which is why your sights are set on YouTube so that your message can reach more people, impact more lives, and help you provide for your family.

Whether you’re….

  • An entrepreneur who feels tapped out on other social media platforms and are ready to grow your audience using YouTube reach more people 
  • A small business with a decent social media following, but knows that video and YouTube is the key to your next phase of growth
  • A content creator who’s frustrated with YouTube (curse you, algorithm!) because it seems no one is watching your videos and you’re not growing no matter what you do.

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how VidBoss Academy™ will give you all the tools, strategies, and unparalleled support on your journey to launching a YouTube channel!

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • Nailed down your channel topic (and becoming established the go-to expert in your field on YouTube)

  • Created an optimized YouTube channel that clearly communicates who you are and what you offer, enticing people to stick around and binge your videos. 

  • Mastered SEO research techniques so that you know your videos will rank in YouTube search, even before you film them 

  • Expertly written YouTube video scripts that keep viewers’ attention and convert to paid customers 

  • Batched and filmed videos like a pro (without the camera shyness or fear!)

  • Become an video editing ninja who can bust out videos in a few hours, instead of spending days editing videos 

  • Executed a video launch and promotion strategy that actually gets your videos views, subscribers, and—most importantly—customers

"One of the biggest issues I had with YouTube was creating a specific plan to reach the best audience. Morgan gives clear and specific direction and helps you see the difference between vanity metrics and actionable metrics. Her help saved me time and has made me money!"


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"[Morgan is] such a fantastic instructor and we are all a bit ‘mind-blown’ with the materials and content [she is] providing."

- Christine C., Wine expert


"Working with Morgan was the best decision I made in 2020. She helped me grow my business in 3 months, significantly more than I could have done in a year. She knows the tips and tricks and people that will get you where you want to go, and she holds you accountable!"

- Brekyn J., Small business owner & event singer


"Morgan has one of the best teaching programs available! I owe so much of my success to her. She helped put on the right path from the very beginning, and I couldn't be more pleased.

- Emiliegh B., Aesthetician 


What’s Inside VidBoss Academy™


Module 1

YouTube Foundations

Before even creating a channel and making videos, we'll build the foundation on which your entire channel and channel strategy. This will give you confidence in yourself and make creating future videos a breeze. 

Module Highlights:

  • Understand the ins and outs of how YouTube works, from basics to the ever-elusive algorithm. 
  • Break down limiting beliefs holding you back and establish  your authority as the go-to expert in your field.
  • Map out your channel topic and get specific your channel's target audience, so that each video is viewed by the right people.
Module 2

Setting Up & Optimizing Your Channel

We'll build out your eye-catching channel and put systems in place to keep you organized throughout the video creation process, which will keep the overwhelm at bay.

Module Highlights:

  • Set up systems and workflows to keep you organized and allows for making new content in a snap.
  • Create and optimize your YouTube channel so that it packs a punch and wows potential subscribers
  • Design custom channel assets such as channel banner, channel trailer, channel trailer, and more! 
Module 3

Video Research Strategy

Learn a proven video research methodology that will ensure your videos will get views even before you film them!

Module Highlights:

  • Discover quick and easy ways to do SEO research using best-in-breed tools
  • Develop a never-ending list of fantastic video ideas so that you always know what videos to make next
Module 4

The Art of Scripting Your Videos

Always know exactly what to say by implementing a simple video script process that keeps your viewers' attention till the very end.

Module Highlights:

  • Master the HOABOC script formula so you can write easy-to-follow, compelling video scripts every time
  • Discover ways to increase engagement so that are constantly captivated by your videos and binge your content
Module 5

Filming Like a Pro

Lights, camera, action! Learn everything you need to make sure that filming day goes smoothly and you get great  footage for your videos.

Module Highlights:

  • Understand the good, better, best of film equipment so that your videos look and sound the best they can based on your budget.
  • Learn everything you need to do on filming day to get the perfect shot the first time
  • Maximize your output and efficiency with batching techniques that allow you to record a month's worth of content in one day
Module 6

Editing Your Videos for Efficiency

Master editing videos quickly and efficiently, even if you've never edited a video before in your entire life!

Module Highlights:

  • Choose and master the best editing software for you based on your technical skills and budget
  • Implement the RFR editing method, which allows for maximum editing efficiency so you can edit awesome videos in hours instead of days
  • Learn to optimally export your videos so they are the highest quality possible for your channel
Module 7

Publishing for Views & Conversions

It's go time! Learn the crucial and exact steps to publish and promote your video so that your video gets the most views possible after launch.

Module Highlights:

  • Get a step-by-step upload checklist so that you set each video up for success before you hit publish!
  • Launch your videos using best practices to increase views and engagement
  • Master video promotion strategies to make sure your video gets the most external exposure possible after launch


Take peek inside 👀

When you enroll during this special, limited-time period,

you’ll get:


VidBoss Academy™
(A $1997 Value)


  • 7 Implementation Modules

    These modules show you everything you need to turn your expertise into a bingeable YouTube channel that people can’t get enough of.

  • Step-by-step Proven Roadmap

    A complete, step-by-step launch plan showing you how to create and launch a YouTube channel that actually gets views and subscribers
  • The SEO Sweet Spot Formula

    This proven SEO research system will assure that your videos appear on the top of YouTube search.
  • Next-level Video Promotion Strategies

    To amplify your videos to make sure that they get views as soon as you hit publish!

You’ll be given access to one to two modules per week, so that you have enough time to dive into the lessons, execute and master that portion of the YouTube process BEFORE moving onto the next.

This will help you stay focused, prevent overwhelm, and keep you on track to launch your channel in early 2021, while preventing the overwhelm that stops most would-be YouTubers in their tracks.

PLUS These Bonuses to Help You Crush it on YouTube 


Bonus 1

7 live Q&A Sessions with Morgan inside the private members-only VidBoss Academy™ Facebook group

Get unstuck in a matter of minutes and maintain your momentum right through your channel launch

(A $1497 value)

What You’ll Get:

  • 7 live recorded Q&A sessions to make sure you get your burning questions answered and can move forward with total clarity and confidence. 
  • An active and highly supportive Facebook community with fellow students and Morgan to make sure you get unstuck in a matter of minutes instead of weeks.
  • A space to connect with others who are on the same path and stay motivated every step of the way until you finally hit publish on your first video!
Bonus 2

VidBoss Academy™ Bonus Bag

Go beyond the core VBA curriculum with guest expert trainings to give your channel the extra boost that it needs to take it to the next level.

(A $997 value)

What You’ll Get:

  • 5+ value-packed expert trainings on topics such as voice training, team building, staying legal on YouTube and more!
Bonus 3

25 YouTube Thumbnail Templates

Make your videos stand out in the search results and browse features with customizable thumbnails that people can't help but click! 

(A $497 value)

What You’ll Get:

  • 25 eye-catching YouTube thumbnail templates that you can easily edit in Canva with your brand colors, fonts, and style.
Bonus 3

3-Month TubeBuddy Legend License

Morgan's favorite and must-have YouTube research and optimization tool! 

(A $148 value)

What You’ll Get:

  • 90 days of the TubeBuddy Legend plan so you can jump right into the program and start getting results quick

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

VidBoss Academy™ - $1,997 Value

  • 7 weeks of live Q&A sessions with Morgan inside private Facebook group - $1497 Value
  • Bonus Bag with 5+ expert trainings - $997 value
  • 25 YouTube thumbnail templates - $497 Value
  • 3-month TubeBuddy Legend license - $148 Value

Total Bonus Value: $3,139

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $5,136

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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Risk-free 30-day Guarantee

Let me just put this out there.

VidBoss Academy™ is a comprehensive step-by-step program for entrepreneurs and content creators who are excited and COMMITTED about starting and launching a YouTube channel for 2021!

By the end of these 30 days, you’ll have received access to all seven modules.

Meaning you’ll have had the opportunity to solidify your channel idea and build it out BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by your channel (and ability to make videos to grow it), simply reach out, show us you’ve put in the work, and I’ll refund your investment. Full details here >>

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions my top students asked before enrolling in VidBoss Academy™:

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Still thinking about it?


7 Ways to Know You’re Ready to
Achieve YouTube Success


  1. Someone just getting started on YouTube and want to do it right the first time
  2. Struggling on YouTube for a while now and just who wants to fix it once and for all
  3. Overwhelmed with the idea of starting from scratch and need a proven step-by-step plan you can follow
  4. Motivated and willing to put in the work to be successful on YouTube, but just need a guide to show you the way  
  5. Already investing what feels like a full-time job on YouTube trying to grow your channel but not getting the results you were hoping for
  6. Aware and excited of use YouTube to grow your audience and business in new ways
  7. Ready to take the actions needed to start and grow a channel you're proud of

I can’t wait for you to join VidBoss Academy™


Starting a YouTube channel changed by life!

The quirky videos that I was making with my best friend quickly led to huge real-life opportunities like being invited to red carpet events, interviewing Hollywood legends, and getting lots of paid clients.

And now more than anything else, I want to share that with you today.

Like no other platform, YouTube can establish your authority in your field and open many doors, but you just have to take that first step and get started.

If you're an entrepreneur, small business, or content creator who's looking to amplify your message and grow your audience, you owe it to yourself to take a risk-free plunge to see what your life as a video content creator looks like.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside VidBoss Academy™.

~ Morgan

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